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SpangleElite Cartridge 70m$15.99 
Design Specifications   
 Quantity Cost per Spangle Cost of Materials
Number of 1.2mm Spangles  
Number of 2mm Spangles
Number of 3mm Spangles
Number of 4mm Spangles
Number of 5mm Spangles
   Transfer Tape Cost  
How many will fit on a sheet?0.74
 Quantity Cost Each Transfer Total Cost of Transfers
Cost of Materials/Transfer
 Quantity Cost Each Blank Total Blanks Cost
Cost of Blanks
Total Materials Job Cost  
Labor Estimate Output Time/Minutes Average Speed SPMLabor Cost/Hour
SpangleElite Transfer Output Time500
Average File and Tape Set Up Time  
Blank and Press Set Up Time  
Press and Peel (Actual Press time :15)  
Total Job Time per Garment  
 QuantityLabor CostLabor Cost/Garment
Total Labor Job Cost  
Final Job Cost  
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