HotFix Era Design Software

Hotfix Era Spangle Design Software

The easiest way to make professional bling designs without a graphics background

To many entrepreneurs it’s not a lack of ideas, a lack of talent or fear of failure that holds them back. It’s a fear of software. One look at an Adobe Photoshop menu or startup screen for CorelDraw and it’s easy to see why the whole design process can be intimidating for someone without a graphics background. The price of graphics software can be just as intimidating often adding over a thousand dollars to the price tag of starting your business.

Hotfix Era for Spangles changes ALL of that! This simple to use and easy to understand application completely eliminates the need to learn, or BUY, any other software application – and it comes included with the purchase of every SpangleElite.

Famous for it’s rhinestone design software and embroidery digitizing applications, the professionals at Sierra have adapted their flagship digitizing software to work specifically with the SpangleElite. You’ll get all of these great features to help you create your spangle designs:

Basic Features

  • Image Import – You can start with any picture or clipart from the internet or logo provided by your customer and convert it into a spangle design quickly and beautifully. No need to start from scratch!
  • Lettering – Did you know that MOST bling designs are made up completely of letters? Hotfix Era comes with fonts that are pre-digitized just for producing beautiful bling and you can work with ANY TrueType font on your computer or that you can download too. That’s thousands of options for you and your customers.
  • Shapes – Stars, Flags, Hearts, Boxes, Circles and more basic shapes are at your disposal. you can make them any size and any combination of spangle sizes too.

Just those 3 easy features alone will help you create 99% of your designs. Just import a team logo, type the team name on the bottom and the school name on the top and presto A sellable design. Draw a Heart shape and circle it with “LOVE CHEER” and that’s another! But Hotfix Era offers MUCH more than that.

Advanced Features

Already have a graphics or bling machine background? Then you’ll feel right at home with the advanced drawing and fill tools that come with Hotfix Era right out of the box.

  • Bezier drawing tools
  • Hotfix path tools
  • Variable fills for exciting design work
  • Real time spangle/stone counter for pricing work
  • Real time design preview
  • Fabric look backgrounds for preview
  • Export as .jpeg for customer approvals
And there is so much more. If you already use CorelDraw or Illustrator there is even a live import so you can work with the program you know, then easily convert to spangles.