What's Included With SpangleElite

SpangleElite Packages

*Leasing Available

SpangleElite Machine

Of course you get the SpangleElite machine itself! The SpangleElite comes with a full compliment of supplies, software and accessories, everything you need to get your business started.

Hotfix Era Design Software with Special DST Output Module

Hotfix Era is not only one of the most powerful bling design applications on the market – it’s the easiest to use too. You can easily create designs from scratch with it’s vector design tools, OR convert common graphics file types to spangles on the spot. Some other great features are:

  • Convert any TrueType font to spangles
  • Import JPEGS, clean them up and covert to spangles
  • Predigitized bling fonts included
  • The most unique fills in the bling business
Spangle Tape Cartridges

Spangle Cartridges could be one of the best things about the SpangleElite. Each cartridge includes 70 Meters (about 76 YARDS) of holographic spangle tape. The tape is specially designed to give you amazing bling on the front and a strong, heat activated glue on the back. That adds up to very strong, very long lasting beautiful bling.

Training Videos

10 Step by Step SpangleElite Training videos are included with your machine. You’ll get everything from unboxing the SpangleElite to creating your first design to pressing your first spangle design onto a t shirt.

SpangleElite Transfer Sheets – 15″ x 12″

With a usable area of 14″ x 11″, each transfer sheet can give you one BIG design or as many smaller ones as you can fit – like one jacket back or LARGE  shirt front or 9 4″ X 3″ graphics.

SpangleElite Transfer Tape is specially designed for this particular machine. It’s thicker than other transfer tapes to ensure accurate spangle placement so do not use for rhinestones or other applications.

Spangle Press Units

The Press Unit or “Punch” is a precision machined die cutting device that actually “punches” the spangle material out in a circular shape and places them glue side up onto the transfer sheet. The size of the hole in the Press Unit is the size of the spangle itself.

Included with the SpangleElite you get THREE different easily changeable press units:

  • 2mm (like and SS6 Rhinestone)
  • 3mm (like an SS10)
  • 4mm (like and SS16)
Nomex Heat Pad

The Nomex pad is a vital part of getting the perfect heat press. It sits on top of the platen of your press and helps provide the right pressure and an even distribution of heat across the design.



Heat Presses

  • DK20 Heat Press
  • Hotronix Fusion Heat Press
  • JP14 Heat Press

Additional Spangle Die Press Units
1.2mm and 5mm


SpangleElite Spangle Color Chart

Get Your Own Spangle Elite Spangle Chart Here