Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have LOTS of questions! After all, the SpangleElite represents a FIRST in the custom apparel business! That first is an affordable, fast, profitable way to produce spangle transfers, bling garments, custom bags and promotional items right from home office, desktop or event. So we’ve put together this FAQ on what most people ask.

Have you Seen Spangles?

Spangles are basically a heat applied sequin, but without a whole in the middle. So they are like sequins in their shine and beauty, but without the hole in the middle or the thread normally used to apply them you get more than twice the impact with spangles.

What’s the Difference between Spangles and Rhinestones?

Spangles are high quality, very thin, flat disks that are heat applied to the garment. Rhinestones are small pieces of glass that are attached in the same way. There are 4 main differences to these 2 methods to BLING a garment.

  1. Spangles are completely soft so you can apply them to dance uniforms, cheer shorts, children’s wear and not worry about falling on them or damaging a stage or flooring.
  2. Spangles are weightless, which makes them ideal for neckline designs and lighter garments. A large rhinestone design will affect the draping of any garment.
  3. Spangles are always lead free. Perfect for children’s wear, infant clothing and gifts.
  4. Spangles are much more economical than rhinestones for you to buy, but sell at the same price or more out in the retail marketplace.

If you are already using an automatic rhinestone transfer machine you can estimate your productivity and 4X per hour, and your profits at 4X too because of supply differences.

How long do Spangles Last?
Spangles will last as long as your garment does, provided you take care of it right. Just like with a rhinestone decorated garment it is recommended that you wash inside out and on a gentle cycle.
How Many Transfers can I make in an Hour?

That all depends on how big and how complicated the design is. The HotFix Era Design software that usually comes with the SpangleElite will give you a “stone count” to tell you how many spangles there are in your design and you could do some simple math and use an average 500 spangles per minute speed to figure that out, but don’t forget to allow for color changes, etc.

To give you an idea of how fast it is, here is a speed test video showing one 2-color spangle design with 2354 spangles in it.

What Kind of Transfer Paper do I Use?

Many experienced bling transfer businesses are used to using a  variety of different “hotfix tape” for their production. The SpangleElite requires a specific type, with well tested “tackiness” and thickness. Other transfer tapes will bunch and/or jam the system. Use only SpangleElite Sheets.

What Software do I use?

The SpangleElite application that is always included works on a PC only and uses a .dst file. Sierra’s HotfixEra, which is typically included with the machine is the design software that you’ll use. If you already have HotfixEra, just make sure you have this output option: DHFS-DST41 and can save as a .dst file. If not, please let your salesperson know.

Where do I Order Supplies?

SpangleElite Tape Cartridges and Transfer Sheets can be ordered through Colman and Company. Just call 1-800-891-1094 or visit colmanandcompany.com

Can you mix the size of Spangles in a design?
Yes! Just create your designs with the spangle sizes you’d like to use – remember, the SpangleElite comes with 2mm, 3mm and 4mm punches – the SpangleElite software will automatically stop and prompt you when it’s time to change sizes.


Does it connect with USB or Ethernet cables?
The SpangleElite hooks up to your computer just like a local printer through a USB port. It comes with the appropriate cable.
How many color can you do in one design?
You can do as many colors as you’d like in each design, but if you’re going to be regularly producing designs that are more than 2 or 3 colors you may want to consider the 6 color ProSpangle machine.

Here’s a great example of creating a 2 color design and the time it takes to make a transfer:

SpangleElite | 2 Color Design Speed Test Bling Machine from ColDesi, Inc. on Vimeo.

Are these sequins?
No, sequins have a hole in the center and are generally just metallic colored disks. These are actually holographic, so they spark just like rhinestones.
What do they feel like on a shirt?
Comments from our customers are consistently the same. People love the way spangles feel, they are lightweight, soft and comfortable enough to sleep in.
Will my customers like these as much as rhinestones?
We have surveyed our customers that sell spangles and rhinestones and there is an agreement. Spangles have a consumer perceived value that is equal or greater than rhinestones.
How long have spangles been around?
The ProSpangle machines have been out since 2014 and have proven to be a fantastic way to decorate apparel. The introduction of the SpangleElite allows for a more affordable and portable version of Spangle Production.
How much does a spangle design cost to make?
It definitely depends on the size and density. However, to provide a simple answer… You could make a 9″ x 4″ logo for the front of a shirt for less than a dollar. We have examples throughout our videos and websites, so check them out.
Can I use the SpangleElite with a Mac/Apple?

No, the SpangleElite is currently only available for use with WINDOWS PCs. It is not recommended for MacOS or Apple computers running a Windows emulator or any other software to run windows on a Mac.